Broth can be as simple or as complex as you wish. What ingredients you decide to use can depend on what you have on hand, and how you intend to use the broth.
If using it as a base to soup, or for adding to mince dishes, I typically make the Simple Broth. If making broth to drink the addition of vegetables in the Complex Broth make it more flavourful and nutrient dense.

Prep Time
2 mins if just using bones, 5-10 mins if prepping vegetables to be included

Ingredients / Method
The key ingredients for a Simple Broth:
- bones - place in crock pot / slow cooker
- water - enough to cover the bones (I boil the water and pour over the bones)
- 1 tsp celtic or pink
- 1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (this provides acid to help break down the bones and increase the mineral content of the broth).
- bones (beef / chicken / mutton / pork) - chicken and beef are my preferred two. Bones can be leftover from roast chicken / turkey / duck (ideally free range or organic). Alternatively purchase carcasses or bones from a free range / organic butcher.

Optional added ingredients for more Complex Broth
- onion, diced
- garlic diced/crushed
- carrots, diced
- bayleaf (I generally add this as quick and easy)
- celery (if you have organic celery just pop in the base or the leaves)
- parsley can be added near the end of the cook time

- chicken feet for extra gelatine

Cooking Time
The quickest and easiest broth: Roast a free range / organic chicken for a meal.
Remove any extra meat from the bones for a further meal or in a lunch salad. Place bones into crock pot / slow cooker - 12 hours

If using raw chicken bones - 24 hrs

Beef bones raw - 48 hrs

I have found the best way to strain the bones (and vegetables if used) from the broth is to place a vegetable steamer or colander over a saucepan. I have found wire mesh sieves don't stand up to the job.

Rediscovery Your Wellness - Sheryl Cook, 2017