COMING SOON. To Register your interest  CLICK HERE

COMING SOON. To Register your interest CLICK HERE


Would you like:

  • more energy

  • less brain fog

  • reduced pain

  • reduce stubborn weight

  • less bloating?

During the Autoimmune BootCamp YOU will be …

  • part of a small group which will meet weekly for 1 hour via facebook live

  • gently guided into the Autoimmune Protocol Elimination Phase as we remove the bad and add in the good

  • assisted with menu planning and recipes

  • connected with others in the group via a facebook group activated specifically for the programme

  • provided with a weekly ebook which you can refer to long after the programme has finished

This Programme is designed to be a small group of people so everyone gets a chance to interact. There will be a maximum of 10 people in this group.

Outline of the Autoimmune BootCamp

On Booking you will receive an interactive file “Me and My Body” which allows you to start capturing information about you and your health journey so far - you are your best health advocate and no-one knows your body better than you

Session 1: Sheryl will guide you through completing your own Functional Nutrition Matrix and Timeline. These tools allow you to see the triggers to your autoimmune conditions and what factors you need to be mindful or during the Autoimmune Bootcamp, and may even highlight issues that may need to be addressed post BootCamp

Session 2: Setting up for Success - Part 1. Success in life is often about planning. Changing the way we eat is no different. Here you get to understand the big picture of what the Autoimmune Protocol Involves, before we start to break it down to step by step stages.

Sessions 2-6: Remove the inflammatory dietary and lifestyle practices and add in nutrient dense foods and nourishing lifestyle practices. At the end of session 5 you will be fully compliant to the “Elimination Phase” for the Autoimmune Protocol.

Put it into practice: You will now be on your own (well the Facebook support group will still be there :>) for the next 30 day for The Elimination Phase.

Session 7 Reintroductions. The Autoimmune Protocol then has a specific process for reintroducing foods starting with those that are least inflammatory. You will be provided with this protocol and also advice on if starting the reintroductions now is best for you or if waiting a long period would be more beneficial. Typically the Elimination Phase is 30-90 days.

BONUS: After Session 1, you will be invited to schedule a personal 1 hour session with Sheryl to review your own Functional Nutrition Matrix and timeline and what this means for you as you Rediscover Your Wellness.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: If you have problems with your GP ordering the tests that you need to monitor your health, Sheryl is able to put you in touch with a GP who is holistic in her thinking and is also a certified Autoimmune Paleo Coach*.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Sheryl encourages people design their own menu’s however can provide you with access to a menu planning service which has Autoimmune Paleo recipes.

Sheryl Cook, a Functional Nutritionist & Lifestyle Practitioner and certified Autoimmune Paleo Coach* will facilitate the group and provide all the course content.

*The Autoimmune Paleo Coach certification is a course run by Sarah Ballentyne (author of the Paleo Approach based on over 1200 scientifically published papers) and Angie Alt and Mickey Trescot (authors of the Autoimmune Handbook and leaders in the Autoimmune Paleo world)

Price: AUD$249