"As a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner, I will help you get to the root cause of your symptoms; educate, guide, mentor and empower you to make sustainable changes to enable you to Rediscover Your Wellness."

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Details of the Programmes

Functional Nutrition Assessment

The Functional Nutrition Assessment is for people who have a diagnosed health issue (other than an Autoimmune condition) and are wishing to seek symptom improvement by making changes to their diet and lifestyle.

  • Prior to the session you will complete an in-depth form to gather information about your health journey so far - yes I do want to hear about your bloating, your gas the pain in your upper stomach, your hair loss, the events that have shaped your life. They are all important as this is your story.

  • Following this is two 1 hour sessions designed to dig more into specific parts of your health story. Your story gives direction and guidance to disease triggers, underlying causes, traps that we need to watch out as you journey to Rediscover Your Wellness, and as importantly maintain it.

  • I will create your own Functional Nutrition Timeline and Functional Nutrition Matrix.

  • You will have a plan for the next steps forward to Rediscover Your Wellness.

Read about Sarah's  (UK) experience with a pyloric ulcer and fibromyalgia (Sarah started with a Premier Consultation plus follow up consultations, which are at a lower rate than the initial consult)

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Autoimmune Action Programme with Functional Nutrition Timeline and Matrix

This programme is designed to help you understand your triggers and root cause(s) with a Functional Nutrition Timeline and Matrix and introduce you to the Autoimmune Protocol. The Autoimmune Paleo protocol is an elimination protocol which help you "clear the muddy waters" by removing inflammatory food and lifestyle choices and introducing nutrient dense foods to nourish your body. For many people this 7 session programme will be all they need to get them started on their wellness journey and is where I recommend all my Autoimmune clients start if they have not already embraced the Autoimmune Protocol Lifestyle.

  • The programme begins by you receiving a in-depth health history questionnaires from which I create your own personal Functional Timeline and Functional Matrix which we will review together in a session.

  • The next session is a one hour session which is designed to set you up for success, for now and the future..

  • During the next four sessions you will be introduced to new components of the Autoimmune Protocol. It is not just about eliminating food but also about incorporating nutrient dense foods and lifestyle habits that nourish your body. By transitioning, there is a greater chance of the changes being sustainable.

  • Prior to each session you will receive a brief questionnaire to track how you are getting along. During each session you will be receive an ebook, which contains information and tools to help you along on your journey and your own personalised Action Form for the week

  • At the end of the first 6 sessions you will be ready to go it alone for 30 days of the elimination phase. We will then catch up to see how you are progressing and provide you with relevant information to start reintroducing foods into your diet. Even over this short time frame most people will begin to experience fewer symptoms, have a greater understanding of what foods and lifestyle factors support your wellness and a wealth of information to continually refer back to as you continue your journey to Rediscover Your Wellness.

Read about Jane's (Australia) experience here

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NourishMe is a programme designed for people who do not have a diagnosed health issues, but know they could be making healthier food and / or lifestyle choices and are seeking support, education and guidance to make these improvements.

While I call this a ‘programme’, it is actually a series of sessions that are tailored to your specific needs. I do not have a specific outline for each session as this will be determine by what you wishing to achieve. I call on my toolbox of resources to provide what is optimal for you.

Implementing and making nutritional and lifestyle changes are most sustainable achieved with fortnightly sessions over a 3 to 6 month time frame. Sessions are scheduled fortnightly as this gives you time to plan, adopt and trial the change. If you have a challenge implementing a change that is ok as it provides information for the next session and together the hurdle can be address. I recommend starting with a series of 3 sessions over a 6 week timeframe and build your programme from there if you wish.

 The benefits of a programme vs a single sessions:

  • Changes in behaviour take time – often it is a journey to implement sustainable changes

  • While you are trying to improve an area of your life, you may find it is connect to other aspects which are not severing you well (a cascade effect). A programme allows you to dive into all of this

  • Changes are easy when life is going smoothly. Over a programme, “life speed bumps” are likely to occur and this allows you additional resources, skill develop and support to call upon during this time

  • Commitment to a programme shows commitment to making nutritional and lifestyle changes. There is no silver bullet, it is about consistency rather than an all or nothing approach.

  • During a programme I can provide you with tools that you can reuse again the future when you are no longer working with me – to me this is success when you are your own wellness advocate!

Read about Cath (New Zealand) and M's (Wales) experiences here

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Four Phase Fat Loss

As I recognise some people would like a DIY on-line option, I chose to associate with Cyndi O'Meara for this programme.

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 I look forward to working with you to
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