What is the best diet for Me?
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What is the best diet for Me?

"What is the best diet for me?"


With all the different diets out there have you ever wondered which is the best one for you?

Sheryl talks into how you can decide what may work for you and your body whether you are just looking to improve the way you currently eat or have a diagnosed health issue and are wishing to nourish your body to improve symptoms.

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Functional Forum - Wide Bay

The date of the first meeting is yet to be confirmed.

I am currently seeking a venue to bring Functional Forums to the Wide Bay. This is a monthly series which comes from the US and invites collaboration between GPs, Functional and holistic practitioners to meet and connect to improve the health options and wellness of the community.

If you may have a venue suitable for such an event please give me a call on 0415212126 -thank you

They say it take a village to raise a child, I also believe it often take the same to live in a healthy community.

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Autoimmune Action - 90 Day Challenge
to Aug 23

Autoimmune Action - 90 Day Challenge

Do you have an Autoimmune Condition?
Would you like the support of a group while making dietary and lifestyle?
During fortnightly meet ups, I will be educating, empowering and guiding the group through foods and lifestyles choices that support people with autoimmune issues.

The 90 Day Challenge:
Venue and Time : Please contact Sheryl for details
Start Date: Wednesday 17th May 2017, then every fortnight until Wednesday 23rd August
Dates: 17th and 31st May, 14th and 28th June, 12th and 26th July, 9th and 23rd August (8 sessions in total)

During the Challenge you will:

  • Actively be involved in 8 educational learning sessions
  • Be served a beverage of your choice at each meet-up session
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how food can nourish your body or deplete it
  • Learn to develop a greater connection to your body and listening in to it
  • Become familiar with what chemicals to avoid in household and personal products
  • Be given tools to look at overall balance in life
  • Have access to a private 'Autoimmune Action' facebook group to connect with other participants with during the 90 days
  • Receive a folder to contain information handouts and worksheets like those received at the Autoimmune Inspiration Lunch & Learn
  • Be given a photo-book, to which I will add 2-3 Autoimmune compliant recipes each week
  • And ultimately you will be starting on the journey to a better feeling you!

Here is what a participant in the previous Lunch & Learn had to say:
"Hi Sheryl,
Just a quick note saying that I really enjoyed the session on Wednesday! It was so informative. I have changed a few things in my daily eating, and have taken out some of the nasty foods! I have to say it has really helped me! As you know I suffer from a terrible illness which has myself in pain 24/7! I didn't realise that a change of food could help. It has helped me with my pain, I actually went out yesterday without a painkiller!! I'm starting to feel so much better, I'm back to studying. I have slipped up a few times and have felt the differences. I really appreciate how you explain what certain foods can do! I can't wait to do the 90 day challenge! It will be so worth it..Thank you
Kind regards, Marria"

Tickets $180, with an early bird special of $160 (ending midnight Sunday 14th)
(If you would prefer to do a bank transfer, please contact me. If you need to pay this off, please let me know and I will generate a special paypal invoice which allows this to happen)

If you have any questions please call me (Sheryl) on 0415212126 or email

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Lunch & Learn: Autoimmune Inspiration
12:30 PM12:30

Lunch & Learn: Autoimmune Inspiration

Tickets: $20 include chicken salad and hot drink.
Phone Sheryl on 0415212126 or click here to purchase online

Do you have one of the 100+ Autoimmune Diseases?

Is your life unravelling with:
-Lack of energy
-Lack of motivation-Brain fog / fuzzy brain?

Come along and listen to Sheryl Cook,
BSc(hons) – Food Science,
a Certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle practitioner
who specialises in Autoimmune Conditions

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