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Autoimmune Action 6 Week Programme

Would you like to celebrate Christmas with

  • more energy

  • less brain fog

  • reduced pain

  • reduce stubborn weight

  • less bloating?

During the Autoimmune Action 6 week programme YOU will be …

  • part of a small group who will meet weekly for 1 hour for a health telecast video (zoom)

  • gently guided into the Autoimmune Protocol Elimination Phase as we remove the bad and add in the good

  • assisted with menu planning and recipes

  • connected with others in the group via a facebook group activated specifically for the programme

  • provided with a weekly ebook which you can refer to long after the programme has finished

Sheryl, the Functional Nutritionist & Lifestyle Practitioner will facilitate the group and provide all the course content

Don’t wait until the New Year to Rediscover Your Wellness!

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