Kale Chips

I was always unsure about trying Kale chips, once I did, I wished I had done it so much sooner. They are quick to make, light, crisp and tasty. They are now a regular on our dinner plates.


Prep Time

5 mins



Olive oil or melted coconut oil

Pink salt or Celtic salt


  1. Turn oven onto 150oC

  2. Wash and dry kale

  3. Cut (or rip) into pieces

  4. Place in a pile in the middle of a baking tray

  5. Pour over oil of choice (approx 1 Tbsp), and sprinkle over salt

  6. Massage oil into leaves, then spread leaves out as a single layer on the tray

  7. Bake for 7 mins, if not quite crisp check every 1 minute (I always use a timer as I find these cook in the final stage fast!)

  8. Enjoy!


You can get creative and add salts which have herbs in them or other spices of your choice


Rediscovery Your Wellness - Sheryl Cook,