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If you have found me, chances are you or someone near and dear to you
has an autoimmune condition & you are wondering if by changing the way you eat
can change the way you feel.

But with the abundance of information out there, low energy and brain fog,
it probably feels overwhelming and you are seeking
support on where to start and what is relevant for you specifically.

This is the place I found myself. To read more about my story, how the Doctors couldn't support my symptoms, my journey with Function Nutrition & Lifestyle changes and more than I could have expected benefits which in turn led to retraining so I could support others, click here

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Hello ...

I'm Sheryl Cook, a certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, with a BSc(hons) in Food Science. I thoroughly enjoy working with people who have decided a health diagnosis is not a not a dismal end but the beginning of a wellness journey! You instinctively know that nourishing body and lifestyle must come into play if you are to elevate your symptoms. You are looking for someone to partner with, someone to guide you, someone to explore options with, assist you to navigate the reams of information, and empower you with nutrition and lifestyle choices that can best support their body and lifestyle needs.

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Recent Recipes




Because sometimes it's nice to have recipes which can be printed out.

AIP Elimination Sweet Treats Recipe Sheet includes:

Coconut & Ginger Balls, Strawberry Gummies and Blueberry Dessert.

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