"As a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner, I will help you get to the root cause of your symptoms; educate, guide, mentor and empower you to make sustainable changes to enable you to
Rediscover Your Wellness."

Do you have a few questions? Are you curious to know what Functional Nutrition?  Want to know if I am the practitioner you are looking for and if we would be a good fit? Wish to discuss which is the best option for you?

Complimentary Functional Nutrition Assessment:

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The Functional Nutrition Assessment is a 20-30 minute session.

During this time you will have the opportunity to:

  • give me an overview of your current health concerns
  • what, if anything, you have tried to improve your overall wellness.

Together we will explore:

  • what has been missed in your previous attempts to improve your wellness
  • what your wellness goals are.

You will leave the assessment with a clear wellness goal and an understanding of how Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle changes can help you to Rediscover Your Wellness.


Have you been diagnosed with an Autoimmune but have not made any diet or lifestyle changes yet?

Autoimmune Action (6 week 1 to 1 programme)- Premiere

This programme is designed to introduce you to the Autoimmune Protocol, and "clear the muddy water" by removing inflammatory food and lifestyle choices. For many people this 6 week programme will be all they need and is where I recommend all my Autoimmune clients start if they have not already embraced the an Autoimmune Protocol Lifestyle.

The Autoimmune Action:

  • Before we meet you will complete a form to gather information - yes I do want to hear about your bloating, your gas the pain in your upper stomach, your hair loss, the events that have shaped your life. They are all important as this is your story. 
  • The first session is 1 hour is designed so we can dig more into specific parts of your health story. Create your own Functional Nutrition Timeline. Your story gives direction and guidance to disease triggers, underlying causes, traps that we need to watch out as you journey to Rediscover Your Wellness, and as importantly maintain it. 
  • The second one hour session is designed to set you up for success, for now and the future. Providing you with tools and information booklet which are yours to have for reference.
  • During the next 5  1/2 sessions you will be introduced to a new component of the Autoimmune Protocol. This allows you to transition and make sustainable changes. We will also customise this to meet your specific needs and lifestyle which we uncovered during session 1 and 2.
  • Each week you will be receive a Session Information Pack, which contains information and tools to help you along on your journey.
  • At the end you will have fewer symptoms, more understanding of what foods and lifestyle factors support your wellness and a wealth of information to continually refer back to as you continue your journey to Rediscover Your Wellness.

Read about Jane's experience

If you are looking to be part of a 6 week group programme, please contact me for details.


Autoimmune Action Plus

For those that have completed Autoimmune Action yet would like continued support to meet their goal. To provide additional tools, guidance and education which help remove barriers, assist in implementation of new choices, provide greater understand about your body and the impact of lifestyle choices on reaching  .


You have an Autoimmune Diagnosis, have tried the Autoimmune Protocol, but are still not achieving your goals?

Autoimmune Deep Dive

You have already made significant nutritional and lifestyle changes and would like more support or require further investigation to establish root cause.

Autoimmune Deep Dive involves:

  • completion of an in-depth Health History - hearing your story and what bought you to this point is important in understanding the best way to move forward
  • a 1 hour session to review this history and dig into it deeper, and from which I develop your own personalised Functional Nutrition Timeline and Matrix
  • completing of a 5 day journal
  • a 1 hour session to review journal and make a plan for your next steps to Rediscover Your Wellness.

At the end of the Deep Dive, you will have:

  • greater insight and understanding of root cause
  • a personalised Functional Nutrition Timeline which you can continue to add to as your wellness journey continues
  • a Functional Nutrition Matrix which provides a map of your what you currently know about yourself, the internal and external factors which trigger and relieve your symptoms and what your current Nutrition and Lifestyle practices are.


3 and 6 Session Pre-paid Packages

Those committed to the journey will be rewarded with a discount. The ‘shelf-life’ of these packages is 3 and 6 months respectively. And can be 30 or 60 minute sessions.



 I look forward to working together so you can

Rediscover Your Wellness.

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