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Have you been diagnosed with an Autoimmune but have not made any diet or lifestyle changes yet?

Autoimmune Action (6 week 1 to 1 programme)

This programme is designed to introduce you to the Autoimmune Protocol, and "clear the muddy water" by removing inflammatory food and lifestyle choices. For many people this 6 week programme will be all the need and is where I recommend all my Autoimmune clients start.
Each week you will be introduced to a new component of it - and it allows you to transition and make sustainable changes.
Each week you will be forwarded a Session Information Pack, which contains information and tools to help you along on your journey.
One 1 hr session as we set you up for success
Five 1/2 hr sessions - to introduce and discuss each module

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Autoimmune Action Plus

You have been through the Autoimmune Action Programme and would like more support or require further investigation to establish root cause.

This programme involves an in-depth health history and a deeper dive into nutritional and lifestyle choices.

Autoimmune Action Group Programme

If you are looking to be part of a 6 week group programme, please contact me for details.


You have an Autoimmune Diagnosis, have tried the Autoimmune Protocol, but are still not achieving your goals?

Deep Dive (One month package)

Two 1 hr sessions
Together we will:
- focus fully on your health story, your health goals and get your journey moving forward
- construct a nutritional health timeline and a nutritional matrix which highlights the body systems needing support
- look at the foods you are currently eating and discuss how these may or may not be serving your body and the symptoms it is experiencing
- talk about lifestyle habits along with positive and negative motivators, because wellness is more than just food!

3 and 6 Session Pre-paid Packages

Those committed to the journey will be rewarded with a discount. The ‘shelf-life’ of these packages is 3 and 6 months respectively.



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