AIP Batch Cooking

Mickey Trescott (of autoimmune wellness) has a great online programme to learn some tips and tricks about batch cooking and to reduce kitchen time when living an AIP lifestyle.

As this programme is US based the measurements are in imperial measure (rather than metric) but is easy enough to convert using an online converter.

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Our brand choices are very individual, what works for one person may not work for another, but is always nice to have a place to start when trying to use less toxic and more environmentally friendly products.

People often ask about my choices. I generally try to support local or national business, and I have to confess a few (but not all) of my favourite products are from direct marketing or MLM companies. While I do use some of these brands, I do not actively promote them as part of my business. Why would a professional like myself use such brands?

  • Some of these companies have a lot of science behind their products and show up favourably in independent reviews (ask me if you wish to be directed to this information)
  • Having moved a number of times from one hemisphere to the other, it takes a lot of time and energy to find reliable brands and most of these companies are international
  • These companies allow people to simply be a consumer or an 'employee'. The flexibility of this work from home option with the number of hours and the time of day determined by the individuals allows them an income stream while studying, caring for children, partners, other family members - which is often not possible with work away from home jobs.

low toxicity, enviro friendly
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Also check out

low toxicity
Enter code for 305929
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Picky Eaters, spectrum kids, kids  needing more nourishment from fruit & vegetables. Feel like you want a natural fruit and vegetable supplement. There is a wonderful brand that can help here (please contact me for more details)

Depending on who I am working with I will recommend different brands, primarily from

I like to rotate my toothpaste. Currently using Modere which has a #1 rating by EWG (enter 305929 for discount) and a Lemon Myrtle one (From lady at Bargara Markets, also on line)

If you are a busy person looking for a programme that will reboot your body into weight loss and like the ease of shakes with wonderful body supporting herbs please contact me to discuss options and codes. A leading naturopathic friend uses this product herself and with clients.

The Modere Code gives you $10 off your first purchase over $50. If you continue shopping with them you will get additional rewards. Modere also puts one product on special each Wednesday, a great way to try new products in the range.
The iherb code give you 5% off your order.

THERMOMIX: I think these are wonderful and can put you in touch with a supplier

If you would like to make any of these product lines your work from home business, please contact me to discuss. Wishing you a healthy home and body, Sheryl