Hi, I'm Sheryl a certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I help people determine the root cause of their symptoms and navigate the myriad of nutritional information and diets out there to work out what is best for their body and lifestyle.

At the time we were living in North Wales, and had headed down to New Zealand to catch up with family, friends, and to have a holiday. After about 6 weeks of 'holidaying' one should feel refreshed, revitalised and ready to go .... unfortunately I didn't. I booked a doctors appointment, had blood tests and found out my thyroid antibodies were very high and I was on my way to Hashimoto's (an autoimmune condition). My other bloods tests were 'normal’ and medical intervention was not considered. 

It was good to have a diagnosis but I didn't have resolution or guidance on how to deal with the complete lack of energy, the hair loss, volatile moods, brain fog, feeling low and flat.

Being a food science researcher, I have always had a deep interest in food, nutrition and healthy eating so I began to explore the options. I was fortunate one of my sisters (also with a thyroid issue) was having success with Auto Immune Paleo (AIP) - which encompasses not only changing the way your eat but also looking at essential lifestyle factors. A change in food and lifestyle became my medicine.

I regained my zest for life, and despite my background, I still wished I had someone to guide me one my journey. I wanted to share my new found knowledge. I undertook several courses, one via the Institute of Integrative Nutritional and three consecutive courses via Holistic Nutrition Lab; Digestive Intensive, Full Body Systems, and rounding it off by becoming a certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner. 

Prior to the nutritional and lifestyle changes there was no way I could have contemplated studying and starting a new career.

I love working with people who have decided a diagnosis is not the destination, that there must be more out there and are prepared to explore how nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve the quality of life they are living.

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