This is the page to keep an eye on for when I am doing live lectures and workshops.

Lunch & Learn

I will be starting a "Lunch & Learn" series at 'Take the Plunge Cafe', 17 Electra Street, Bundaberg.

The first event will be on Thursday 27th April 2017

If you would like to be kept upto date of these events, or have suggestions for topics please send a message via my contact form.


Functional Forum

I have registered and been accepted to be the host for the Functional Forum Series out of the United States.

The aim is to bring together GPs / Allopathic practitioners and Holistic practitioners so they can connect, share ideas and experiences for the better health of the clients we serve and the wider community.
There are currently two meet ups that happen in NSW, and this will be the 3rd, here in Bundaberg / Wide Bay.

This link provides an overview of what to expect:

I am currently looking for a venue to host the monthly meet ups, approximately 1 hour in length. If you know of anywhere that maybe suitable, please contact me on 0415212126 or via contact form.